Everyone knows somebody with a horror tale to tell about their Pennsylvania divorce. They can go on endlessly about the big attorneys’ fees incurred following hours of arguments over custody of the kids, or how they spent weeks arguing over the antique that they bought together on their honeymoon, or how much spousal support was appropriate. The more issues that need to be resolved and the more litigation the couple insists on, the longer the process takes and the more complicated it gets – especially in Pennsylvania, where each of these areas are addressed separately in court. But what happens when a couple doesn’t have any of these issues? What if two people who got married mutually agree that it was a mistake and they just want to dissolve the legal contract between them?

The state of Pennsylvania breaks down their divorce grounds into “fault” and “no fault”, with no fault being what is most commonly applied. Divorces using grounds of “fault” occur when one member of the couple plans to fight the divorce, where in no fault divorces both sides agree that the marriage is going to end. Though many no fault divorces still involve legal wrangling, there are also those cases where the couple just wants things to be taken care of in a quick and easy way.  If this describes your situation and you want to know the fastest way to get a no-fault divorce in Pennsylvania, the attorneys at Reinherz Law can help.

A no fault, mutual consent divorce can happen in Pennsylvania in as little as ninety days if the paperwork is filed correctly. All that is needed is for both spouses to file an Affidavit consenting to the divorce. If there is property that needs to be split up, or custody or support arrangements that need to be made and both parties agree to them then a Divorce Settlement Agreement can be submitted along with this paperwork, but these papers are not required by law.

Another method that a couple can use to accomplish a Pennsylvania no-fault divorce is simply to live apart for a period of two years. State law holds that where a married couple have been separated for at least one year and have signed an Affidavit attesting to this fact, that will also provide a legal means to ending the marriage. The paperwork that the state of Pennsylvania requires for this type of no-fault divorce is fairly straightforward. There is a Complaint form that outlines the reason for the divorce and confirms that you are eligible for divorce in the state. There is also a Writ of Summons that needs to be completed. If your spouse does not respond, the process will proceed by default.

Though a no-fault divorce can be straightforward, it can also be complicated by issues regarding assets, support and any children involved in the marriage. For assistance in navigating the PA no-fault divorce process, contact Reinherz Law to set up a convenient consultation.