The Story of Robert & David Reinherz

Our firm is a second generation Law Firm with over 30 years experience. Our firm started when Robert Reinherz decided to start a new career after years as a successful draftsman. Always a good listener and a compassionate person, it was clear that he wanted to help people. He found the idea of helping the average person through legal troubles was his true calling and put himself through Law School. After graduating, Robert built a practice around providing friendly, affordable and quality legal services to good people in bad situations. With his wife running the office, it was common for his son David to be there watching him practice law and solve problems. That is how David got his start in law. After graduating from Law School himself in 1998, he came on board and continues to grow the practice. It was David’s vision to bring the practice to where it is today, focusing in Bankruptcy, Divorce, Divorce Mediation and Immigration. While qualified to handle all manners of cases in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, we have decided to dedicate ourselves to one greater cause:

Bringing Our Clients Peace of Mind and Offering Them a Fresh Start

about-CompanyWe chose the areas of law we regularly practice in because they are very closely related and they let us make the biggest impact on our clients’ lives. Divorce and Bankruptcy often go hand in hand and can be the most stressful time of a person’s life. By focusing in both these areas, we are able to bring a complete solution to many clients. Clients have Peace of Mind knowing they have caring, professional help on their side and when the case is finished, they can look forward to a Fresh Start on life. Another area of specialty is that of immigration. We turn an often confusing process into Peace of Mind for our clients as we provide them a Fresh Start. The Law Offices of Reinherz & Reinherz are dedicated to providing clients in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey with the highest degree of integrity possible. We are proud to offer prompt, professional, and affordable legal services. Our clients are treated with respect and our attorneys are easy to contact.

We are NICE (just give us a call and see!), down to earth, and easy to deal with. We will never talk down to our clients and always promptly return telephone calls. We believe in “going the extra mile” to help people, which has contributed to our longevity and growing practice.

Thank you for visiting our website and learning more about our firm. If there is any way we can assist you, please don’t hesitate to call.