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  • The decision to file for Bankruptcy is never an easy one to make. The actual process of qualifying to file Bankruptcy can be even more difficult, but you have freedom to choose legal guidance to smooth the rough edges and to make this experience as painless as possible.   As you may already know, some lawyers and attorneys have a bad name for caring more about their own fees than their client’s cases. Luckily, this isn’t always the case and there are a number of ways to screen Bankruptcy lawyers to avoid the bad jokes.   When you call a …Read More ➡

  • So you’re thinking about filing for Bankruptcy? Debt is a growing problem in this nation, and new laws were recently passed in 2005 that make it more challenging to qualify for Bankruptcy. Reinherz & Reinherz Law offers Bankruptcy services in New Jersey and the Philadelphia area, and we are here to help! Please contact our office, and an experienced Bankruptcy attorney will review your unique circumstances to help you determine the best course of action to take… even if Bankruptcy isn’t the right option.   Here are some things you should do before filing for Bankruptcy:   1. Gather any relevant …Read More ➡

  • There is absolutely nothing in this world that will ever make a divorcenot stressful, and there are very few rare cases where a divorce is celebrated as the beginning of a new life. In most cases, a divorce is only half the beginning of a new life, while on the other hand it is also the end of a life that you know and, even if you are unhappy in, you areused to.   A divorce is very stressful emotionally, and the divorce process can only add to the upset. More complicated divorces, for example including children or economic factors, can …Read More ➡

  • Family Law addresses domestic issues ranging from divorce to child custody disputes. Generally speaking, when a legal matter involves family related issues such as marriage, custody agreements or the division of assets, the problem falls within the realm of family law. Intended to protect the individual rights of people living within a family environment, family law includes different types of law that directly relate to or concern families.   Family Law differs throughout each state and there are many websites that provide information and access to the required legal forms for pursuing family issues, such as divorce without hiring an …Read More ➡

  • To file for divorce in Pennsylvania you are first required to meet the residency requirement, which states that one spouse must have lived within the state for at least 6 months prior to filing for divorce.   It is also required that a couple establishes their grounds for obtaining the divorce and file for either a fault, or nofault divorce.   According to PA Divorce, a no-fault divorce can be obtained when there is mutual consent, or when a marriage is concluded to be irretrievably broken. If there is mutual consent, a court will authorize the divorce after an affidavit is …Read More ➡

  • In Pennsylvania, debtors have a choice to either accept exemptions outlined within the Bankruptcy Code created by Congress, or wave those exemptions and abide by Pennsylvania bankruptcy exemptions. In relation to bankruptcy, exemptions refer to the inventory of items safeguarded from collections. In short, exemptions explain what you may maintain possession of once you file for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy exemptions differ from state to state and may be determined by either federal or state statues depending on whether the state prohibits federal statues or not.   As you may have assumed, it is vital to have an understanding of Pennsylvania bankruptcy …Read More ➡

  • When people have children together and decide to end their relationship with one another and consider a PA Divorce, custody issues may become a concern. For some, reaching an agreement is easy but for others, it may prove to be quite complicated. Reaching a child custody agreement becomes problematic when a spouse wishes to disconnect their children from the other party involved and refuses to handle the situation in a mature fashion. The best advice for dealing with a child custody issue in PA is to hire an attorney to represent you.   Regardless of whether your situation is amicable or …Read More ➡