When considering a divorce, people should consider twenty things regarding to PA divorce laws. 

Divorce is Expensive
When the case is said and done, the clients will have essentially bought a luxury vehicle. The case in itself is going to cost several thousand, but the settlement factors will be even more.Divorce Lawyer’s Rates
These attorneys generally charge by the hour, which is commonly referred to as a retainer.Divorce is Tedious
According to PA divorce laws, a divorce will not be finalized until after 60 days. This means that the parties will need to cooperate to ensure the process does not drag out any longer.PA Divorce Laws: Residency
In order for people to get a divorce in Pennsylvania courts, at least one member of the couple must be able to show proof of at least six months of residence within the state. This means that if one member of the couple decides to move to Pennsylvania, the couple can divorce there after six months.Hire a Lawyer
It is extremely important for both clients to have their own lawyer. Attorneys have a wealth of experience in dealing with these cases, whereas the clients hopefully do not have any. It is way to easy for an individual to say or do the wrong thing and lose the case.

Finding the Right Lawyer
People need to ensure the attorney knows the PA divorce laws. They do not want to hire someone who does not specialize in these cases.

Honesty Matters
It is important for people to inform their lawyer about all of the facts. The lawyer, and the client, are going to look like idiots if the other side brings up an undisclosed issue.

Separate Children and Others from Case
The last thing the clients want to do is try tell their children or other family members about the case. It is way to easy for words to become twisted, and if the other family member is called to testify it can become ugly. Keep family members out of any serious transaction.

Separate Emotions
People need to keep their emotions out of the case. The last thing people want to do is threaten the other member and end up in prison over a divorce case. Anything said can be used as evidence in court.

Attempt a Settlement Outside of Court
When a case is settled outside of court, the clients will be able to negotiate a better agreement. When a case goes to court, the judge will make the ultimate decisions as to how assets are split.

Create Own Solution(s)
The parties should attempt to find their own solutions. The court will decide otherwise.

The parties should make an individual budget to present in court.

Make a List of Assets and Liabilities
The couple should have documents showing all of their assets and liabilities. This will ensure that one of the members does not end up paying the other person’s loans.

Child Custody
This has two parts, physical and legal custody. Physical custody dictates when the children stay at what residence. Legal custody defines who is responsible for supporting the children.

Child Support
This is typically determined by the W-2 forms from each parent. Whoever earns the most money will typically be required to pay a higher amount in support.

Spousal Support
In some cases, one of the party members maybe obligated to support the other party. While this is a rare occurrence, it can happen.

Property Distribution
The court system will attempt to divide the property as equitably as possible. This means that the person who earns the most income will not have to pay for the home that the other person resides at.

Reason for Filing
The parties must present a reason for filing divorce. There are fault and no-fault reasons that an attorney will be able to explain in detail.

The parties should attempt to modify the rulings with an attorney every few years. The ruling may be altered if income, or other changes occur.

An individual’s actions in court may determine a portion of the settlement. People who become vocal may lose some assets that would have gone in their favor.

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