Divorce Mediation Services

At the Reinherz & Reinherz Law Offices, we offer divorce mediation for those living in and around Philadelphia as an alternative to traditional contested divorce. If both parties will participate, mediation is a great alternative to traditional divorce because it saves money, time, and helps you maintain control of your divorce process.

How Divorce Mediation Works

A neutral 3rd party sits down with both spouses to help you work out an agreement. You avoid the lengthy battle and expense of traditional contested litigation. The adversarial (fighting) legal system is not the best way to handle family issues. Divorce mediation instead, helps a couple reach a fair divorce agreement by finding common ground, balancing out the parties so both have an equal voice, and keeping things moving forward and on track. Our staff has certified divorce mediators who are experienced attorneys. We help you find faster, more agreeable, and less expensive solutions to your marital problems. Your divorce does not have to drag on, be hugely expensive, or be a bitter fight. If you can cooperate at all, this is truly a much better way.

Why you Should Consider Hiring a Divorce Mediator

Hiring a divorce mediator is a great option if both spouses want to work together on the divorce, but just are not able to figure out how to fairly settle their issues and need some help. If you are truly dedicated to working together, Mediation may be a great option for you and can provide significant cost saving to traditional divorce.

Reinherz & Reinherz Law Offices offer a free consultation on Divorce Mediation so contact us right away before initiating a costly and lengthy battle.