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How Philadelphia Bankruptcy Lawyer David Reinherz can Assist with Claiming Bankruptcy

At Reinherz Law, our Philadelphia Bankruptcy Lawyers have been helping clients in the Philadelphia, PA and South Jersey area with their financial issues since 1980. For over 30 years we have been helping our clients get a fresh start by helping to end creditor harassment, stop wage garnishments, wipe out debt and save their homes.

You get personal attention at our firm and we have a team that will promptly work on your case. It is extremely important that your bankruptcy is prepared properly by a Philadelphia Bankruptcy Lawyer and that you are updated regularly about your case. Since most of our bankruptcy clients have budget issues, we also offer reasonable payment plans and free bankruptcy consultations.

Filing For Bankruptcy in Philadelphia PA:

While we have much experience in bankruptcy, we also handle other areas of the law that can often be related to bankruptcy. For example, we have had many clients with divorce issues that relate to their filing for bankruptcy. Due to real estate issues often being closely related to bankruptcy, we also have experience with foreclosure, short sales, and mortgage modifications in Philly.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – This is the most common type of bankruptcy in which your debts are just wipe out with no repayment plan. Close attention is needed to make sure you qualify for this bankruptcy in terms of income and assets.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy – This bankruptcy requires a repayment plan but also offers some very powerful benefits such as mortgage arrears repayment, converting 2nd mortgage to an unsecured debt, and possibly restructuring vehicle debt.

Collection Defense – Sometimes when a bankruptcy is not necessary, we can file a response to any litigation and defend our client in civil court. Often negotiations can lead to settlement in these situations.

Mortgage Modifications If you are behind on your mortgage, we can many times work with the mortgage company to reduce your mortgage and get you back current.

Short Sales We can advise and handle the legal aspects of your short sale if you want to sell your home, but owe more than it is worth. In this situation, we must prove your hardship to the mortgage company and work with them with closely to ask them to forgive your debt.

Reinherz law offers a full variety of Bankruptcy and credit defense options –Some firms only offer simple Chapter 7 filings, so they might not be able to help you if that is not the proper procedure for you. We can do civil defenses and negotiations if you are being sued, Chapter 13 if a reorganization is more beneficial, and sometimes keep a client out of bankruptcy completely if it is more of a real estate issue. We are not going to file bankruptcy in Philadelphia  for someone who does not need it or file the wrong type of bankruptcy for our client.

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