PA Divorce Process

The PA divorce process can easily become overwhelming for someone seeking a divorce because any time a marriage is ended, it is generally an emotional experience for those involved. To help make this process smoother, it is recommended that couples seeking a divorce hire a lawyer to represent them. When hired, divorce attorneys can assist with the process from start to finish and ultimately help to alleviate the pressure felt by the parties involved.

Assuming the residency requirement for obtaining a divorce in Pennsylvania is fulfilled, the initial step in the PA divorce process is to file a complaint for divorce. This can be completed within the defendant’s county of residence and if the defendant doesn’t reside in PA, it can be filed in the plaintiff’s county. At the time of filing, the grounds for the divorce must be declared. This will also determine whether the couple will be seeking a no fault, or fault divorce. Obtaining a fault divorce often requires additional steps, especially if a spouse demands that the other fill out a Bill of Particulars. This document may be requested by a spouse if they want a detailed list outlining the grounds for which their significant other has in seeking a divorce that isn’t mutually agreed upon. This Bill of Particulars also requires that ample evidence be provided to backup claims.

In order for the divorce process in Pennsylvania to progress, the grounds for the divorce must be granted. This is the point where divorce cases become additionally difficult for couples unable to see eye-to-eye on various issues. If unable to reach an agreement regarding issues such as child custody and the division of assets, couples will have to come to a resolution during a hearing. If this proves to be unsuccessful, couples will have to come to a resolution within a court of law. With disputes regarding property and custody arrangements, it is always best to be prepared.

It is wise to consult a professional prior to filing for divorce because they can provide insight and outline the best options for negotiation. At Reinherz & Reinherz Law Offices, we pride ourselves on working with our clients to achieve the best possible outcome available. After consulting with one of our highly qualified professionals, they will evaluate your situation and educated you on what you should know, do, and have prepared in order to successfully carry out the divorce process.