Bankruptcy Costs

We are often asked, “how much does it cost to file for bankruptcy?”

Bankruptcy costs are always conveyed to clients of Reinherz and Reinherz Law Offices. Our Philadelphia bankruptcy lawyer prides themselves on being upfront and honest about the cost for bankruptcy so clients know what to expect.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy starts at $1200 (lawyer fee) and does involve additional costs such as:

  • $ 400 of costs including filing fees and credit reports

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is a little more difficult to predict, but fees are generally capped by the Bankruptcy Courts. Some of the fees may even be paid through the Payment Plan.

  • $ 2000 for the lawyer fee before filing with balance in Plan
  • Starting at $ 400 for Additional fees

As always, we try to be affordable compared to competitors and provide quality services.  With a long-time service in family business plus a background in real estate, Reinherz Law Offices has become a reputable law office which serves a full range of clientele with the experience to deliver the results you need.

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Note about Reinherz & Reinherz Law Offices:
Some of our practice includes the assistance of individuals seeking relief under the Bankruptcy Code. As such, we are proud that our office has been designated as a federal debt relief agency.

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