No one likes to have to admit to financial difficulties that they can not resolve without help. The truth is that each and every day, literally thousands of decent and hard working individuals fall into difficult times and financial hardship. Reinherz & Reinherz is an experienced and professional Personal Bankruptcy Attorney firm. When people in Pennsylvania need help with bankruptcy matters such as avoiding foreclosure on their homes or being pestered by bill collectors, then they will need a good bankruptcy attorney PA firm to fight on their behalves.

The attorneys at Reinherz & Reinherz are capable of assisting with both Chapter 7, as well as Chapter 13, filings. They provide these personalized and caring services for among the most reasonable fees in the Philadelphia area. Unlike other types of law firms that are general practice, Reinherz & Reinherz is particularly equipped to deal with bankruptcy. In fact, the Federal Government has been named an official Debt Relief Agency.At Reinherz & Reinherz, they are able to assist clients with all of the following services:* Foreclosures
* Car Repossession
* IRS Problems
* Wage Attachment
* Bill Collectors
* Credit Card Debt
* Medical Bills
* DMV SuspensionChapter 7 Versus Chapter 13 – What Differences Are There?

There are two types of personal bankruptcy options available to individuals. These are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 filings. In Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the total debt of an individual is wiped out and discharged, giving the person a fresh start. Not all individuals are eligible for this type of relief since a newer bankruptcy law came into effect back in October of the year 2005. A new means test was created that individuals have to pass in order to qualify for this form of bankruptcy.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is more of a debt restructuring program, in which an individual’s creditors are forced to accept zero interest repayment of the debt over an extended period of time. The person is able to hold on to his or her assets. The most frequent reason that individuals opt for this form of bankruptcy is to halt foreclosure so that they are able to repay mortgage payments on which they are behind. After the court looks over the person’s budget, it has to approve the repayment plan that the individual has proposed. According to this 2005 law, a number of debtors must file for Chapter 13 instead of Chapter 7. This mostly depends on how much their income is.

People’s particular situations influence whether they are eligible for Chapter 7 or instead Chapter 13. Reinherz & Reinherz will first look over your assets, your debts, and your income, as well as other factors, in advance of your filing. This is because bankruptcy does not turn out to be the best choice for everybody. This is why it is important to consult with a good Philadelphia Bankrutpcy Attorney. Following this review, the firm will offer advice on what is the most appropriate remedy for your particular scenario.

What Are the Reasons for calling Reinherz & Reinherz Bankruptcy Attorney PA?

There are a number of reasons to call Reinherz & Reinherz when you need a good Philadelphia Bankrutpcy Attorney. Among them are the following:

* Free consultation provided
* Payment Plans Offered
* Phone Calls Returned Quickly
* Named an Official Debt Relief Agency
* Speak with an Attorney Today
* No Fees for Phone Conversations
* Four Different Office Locations in PA and NJ
* Weekend, Evening, and Day Hours Available
* Services are Billed as Flat Fees
* More Than Thirty Years Professional Experience
* Never Any Surprise Billing
* Second Generation Family Attorneys
* Thousands of Clients have Been Assisted in Difficult Times
* Both Owned and Operated by the Family
* Well Educated and Highly Trained Staff Members

How Much Does a Bankruptcy Actually Cost?

Reinherz & Reinherz is honest about the fees associated with bankruptcy. Commonly, Chapter 7 cases run from around $1,250, with a breakdown of $800 in base costs, $135 in credit counseling and credit reports, and $299 in filing fees. Chapter 13 cases are more difficult to forecast. Fees can often be paid via the Payment Plan. Filing fees are $274, and the exact $135 additional fees apply. The firm’s fees will be quoted following the initial case review with this Chester County PA Bankruptcy Attorney.

In order to learn more about Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy in either New Jersey or Philadelphia, call the Chester County PA Bankruptcy Attorney Reinherz & Reinherz today.

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