Our family business has been serving the Delaware Valley for over 30 years and we believe we are the best Value around. We do everything possible to make your Immigration case go smoothly. Since many times other issues such as family law and criminal law relate to immigration cases, we are often able to serve our clients better with this broad experience. We offer payment plans and there are never any hidden fees. We use mostly a flat fee retainer agreement, so you know exactly how much it is going to cost from the start. We are also easy to reach, so your communication with us is never a problem and we do not charge you for calls, faxes, and emails. We want to speak to our clients!


The Reinherz Law Difference

Experienced Family business – We have been around for awhile and we will be
around for you when you need us.
Value – We want our clients to get the best service for the lowest price
Prompt and professional – We are fast with each case
Good communication – We keep you updated on your case and return all calls/emails
Pleasant to Deal With -It sounds simple, but we believe in treating folks they way we want to be treated. That means not waiting 2 hours at our office for your appointment and that you are treated respectfully
Broad experience – While we have much experience in Immigration, we also handle other areas of the law that can often be related in certain cases. For example, we have had many clients with family law and criminal issues that relate to their immigration case. Having lawyers and a firm with multiple areas of experience can really be helpful on some divorce cases. Our broad experience and multiple areas also allows us to charge lower fees.

Immigration Practice Areas:

Permanent residence
Fiance Visa,
Condition removal,
H1b and H2b