Permanent Residence

If looking to obtain permanent residence or a green card to live in Philadelphia, contact immigration lawyers from Reinherz law. Becoming a permanent resident can be a stressful process especially, for a recently married couple. With help from experienced immigration attorneys/green card lawyers,  such as those from the Reinherz Law Offices, this process can be much easier. As long as an immigrant has entered this country legally through some type of VISA, and the spouse is a citizen, then permanent residence would be the pathway towards obtaining citizenship. The citizen may have been born in the United States or Naturalized for this process to work. . By proving to the Department of Homeland Security that the couple is in a good faith marriage, we can help the immigrant obtain a permit to work in the United States and become a permanent resident. Some benefits to possessing residence status include the ability to travel outside of the United States and return without any problems. Once someone has been a permanent resident for long enough, we can help file for Naturalization. A naturalized citizen will enjoy all of the same rights as a United States born citizen.