If you’re looking to get an Uncontested (No-Fault) Divorce in Pennsylvania, then you’ll want to read on.

Over the past several years, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has progressively amended its laws to make the divorce process quicker and easier for both parties. This has led to an increase in more people filing for divorce without the services of an attorney – oftentimes to an unfortunate outcome.

The most common time-frame for the finalization for an uncontested divorce is around three to four months. In the best situations, no lawyers are needed, and you can resolve all proper allocations of property and support without any disputes or issues. But of course, it usually doesn’t end up being that easy.

Don’t Do It Yourself Divorce in Pennsylvania

The most common problem we see with “Do It Yourself Divorce” filings is that folks buy forms somewhere, possibly online, but have no idea how to complete the required procedures. There are waiting periods and specific forms needed at specific times. It is very easy to bungle up the procedure and lose time and money.

Not to mention, there a lot of factors to consider throughout the divorce process that can cause problems between you and your spouse, and you could end up on the losing side of a lot of money, property, and even custody of your children.

In the long run it’s easier to just pay a reputable 2nd generation firm like Reinherz Law who offer this service for a great price due to the volume we handle. We handle more complicated cases if the case become contested.

No Fault Divorce in Pennsylvania

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In any event, here are some of potential issues you can run into throughout the Pennsylvania no-fault divorce filing period:

  • Lack of consent – At any time, you or your spouse may renounce your consent for the No-Fault Divorce, causing all proceedings to come to a halt. This could cause you to fall into legal limbo as your case is re-categorized, and you may have to file under the grounds of a “fault divorce” which includes adultery, brutality, the infliction of dignities, etc. – not to mention the potential loss of your time, money, and other agreements in the process if you shift to a different divorce proceeding.
  • Irretrievable Breakdown of No-Fault Divorce – In PA, this is defined by both a mutual acknowledgment of the breakdown of the marriage and by being separated for at least two years as long as one of you has been a resident in PA for the past six months. Even then, there’s a forty-day filing period where your spouse can dispute the claim that you have been separated for two years – and even if it’s proven, there are still ways to slow down the process.
  • Property Settlement Agreement – If there are assets or issues of alimony, then you and your spouse must agree to a property settlement agreement. This agreement divides all marital property based on a mutually negotiated and agreed-upon settlement by both parties, which may include child support and custody. This is the crux of the proceedings, as you and your spouse must agree to essentially split up your life equitably (though not equally), in order to complete the divorce. If there are any disagreements and attorneys are not present, then you and your spouse may get stuck in a nasty court battle that can last years.

The division of property, assets, debts, alimony, child support and everything else that made up the life between you and your spouse is up for grabs when you choose to file for divorce, and taking those steps without the help of an attorney is incredibly risky. There is no shortage of circumstances that can potentially turn the experience from at unpleasant at best, to traumatic at worst.

Even though the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has made earnest efforts to simplify the process of a Non-Contested Divorce, divorce is still a complex and serious issue. It’s not something like taxes, or other legal advice that can be researched and completed online without the help of a professional. The parameters for your divorce can change on a dime, and having legal counsel is still the only way to absolutely ensure that your rights will be properly protected. Don’t take this on by yourself.

Reinherz’s Law Offices is happy to guide you through the no-fault divorce process in Pennsylvania with proper representation and a compassionate tone. You may even qualify for a $500 divorce. Contact us for your free consultation or call 215-922-2055 today.

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