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Maybe you are having trouble paying your mortgage. Maybe you aren’t able to pay the minimum on your credit card, or are being threatened with wage garnishment. Whatever financial you are facing, the experienced lawyers at Reinherz Law can help. Bringing our clients peace of mind and offering them a fresh start is the underlying mission of Reinherz Law. We are South Jersey bankruptcy attorneys committed to helping those who are facing financial difficulties, and we do it with an eye to giving them a sense of true relief in the face of economic hardship.  We know how destructive debt can be to your sense of self-confidence and well-being, so we dedicate ourselves to providing highly personal, focused attention. To us you are far more than just a case – we know that you have a business, a family, a life that needs to get back to a sense of financial normalcy.  We use our legal knowledge to help you move forward and begin again with confidence.

Not everybody who is facing accumulated bills needs to file for bankruptcy – in some cases they simply need help finding the right solution. The South Jersey bankruptcy attorneys at Reinherz Law are here to provide you with the answer you are looking for. When you meet with us, we will ask you questions so that we can understand your situation, then provide you with the benefit of our legal knowledge and experience. We provide the kind of personalized, stress-free approach that will make you feel both confident and comfortable. It is our goal to help you reorganize and find the answer you need, whether that is by filing for bankruptcy or something else. We take the time to explain the advantages and disadvantages of filing for bankruptcy, as well as helping you to explore which type of bankruptcy may be most suitable for you. If you are facing creditor harassment, we will protect your rights and provide you with the relief that you need.

At Reinherz Law, we have decades of experience in helping people find relief from debt. As South Jersey bankruptcy attorneys, we realize that our clients have put their trust in us when they need us the most, and we are committed to always delivering our very best. Our experience and dedication has led us to provide a full range of services to those in need of debt relief, going beyond simply preparing bankruptcy filings to include creditor harassment services, assistance with wage garnishment, foreclosure and loan modification representation, and repossession assistance. We believe that helping our clients to address each of these issues puts them one step closer to regaining control of their lives and puts them on the road to financial well-being, and that is our goal. Call the South Jersey bankruptcy attorneys at Reinherz Law today to put yourself back in charge of your financial situation.

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Some of our practice includes the assistance of individuals seeking relief under the Bankruptcy Code. As such, we are proud that our office has been designated a federal debt relief agency.

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